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Can you find an external organization capable of developing and implementing a leadership development program that can meet the needs of your organization? 

Given the two choices as a senior HR professional, I believe that there are other external network organizations capable of developing and implementing a leadership development program.  However, having had the opportunity of overseeing a vigorous gaming culture that has surpassed our organization’s expectations, it wouldn’t be an option to search outside our organization. The rare quality of scientists, software developers and information teaching professionals our organization possesses is unusual yet unique.  Utilizing our internal staff’s full potential by developing a program that meets the needs of your organization is vital to the morale of employees. Such as; analyze the training need, design the overall training program, and develop the course (actually assembling/creating the training materials) (Dessler, 2017).

What challenges would you face in developing and implementing a leadership development program that can meet the needs of your organization? The challenges would be that although the organization has the talent to develop and implement a leadership program to meet our organization’s needs, not all twenty first and second-line supervisors are confident only two. Training is important. If even high-potential employees don’t know what to do and how to do it, they will improvise or do nothing useful at all (Dessler, 2047).Therefore, getting together with your leaders and allowing them to express their thoughts and concerns as to why they don’t feel qualified to do the job they were initially hired for.  Compiling this data with your HR team and analyzing the best strategy to achieve a new leadership development program for the organization.  

What alternative approaches might you consider to address your organization’s leadership challenge? I would consider our highly qualified internal candidates first among our scientists, programmers, and designers. I believe within an organization management development programs should reflect the firm’s strategic plans. For example, strategies to enter new businesses or expand overseas imply that the employer will need succession plans in place to obtain and/or develop managers who have the skills to manage. Therefore, management development programs like the succession plan can impart the knowledge, attitudes, and skills these managers will need to excel at their jobs (Dessler, 20017).



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