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Research a selected topic using a variety of reliable resources.

Research a selected topic using a variety of reliable resources..

A written essay on an assigned topic, with a focus on Nutrition promotion and family assessment, worth 15% of final grade.

Objectives of the Essay:

The student will demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Research a selected topic using a variety of reliable resources.
  2. Prepare a professionally written report in APA format, from a nursing perspective on the selected topic.

The students will be able to describe the family they will study by week #3.  Students create a family scenario upon which to focus the nutritional topic.


  1. Look up your selected nutrition promotion family topic. Be sure you understand what you are researching.
  2. Read the relevant chapter in your text, Potter & Perry. Look in all of your required text resources.
  3. Research your topic using at least one professional nursing journal.
  4. Research your topic using other reputable texts, journals and online resources. Unless they are from a classic source (ex. F. Nightingale “Notes on Nursing”), all articles/texts must be less than 5 years old. The paper must have at least 3 references.
  5. Make notes from your research. Organize what you have learned under main headings. Review your research to answer the following questions: What does the Nurse need to assess about this family and what will she need to include in a teaching plan?
  6. Prepare a 1 page MAX outline of your paper as your starting point for the scholarly writing process.Your final paper should be a three page paper (can be longer),  (not including cover page), double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt. font on the selected topic.  A short paper means you must include the most important content in a concise manner. Apply APA format. References must be included in the body of the paper and listed at the end on a reference page. APA is a large part of the intended learning for this paper so please pay attention to the details of APA.
  7. Compare your final paper with the marking scheme in the rubric below. Make the necessary changes.
  8. Keep a copy of your work and final submission. Submit a title page, the essay, and reference page through Dropbox.

Penalty for lateness and Plagiarism, please see Durham College policy.

 Some Recommended Nutrition Topics

Students may write their nutrition paper passed on one of the following topics or any on the topic approved by the professor

  1. Obesity in Adults
  2. Celiac disease

Research a selected topic using a variety of reliable resources.


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