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Respond to TeacherAnswers 1Bids 30Other questions 10

Respond to TeacherAnswers 1Bids 30Other questions 10.

Skip To ContentDashboard Account Dashboard Courses Calendar Inbox Help PSY 6290 Discussions Week 5 Discussion 110/30/2018 – AU Graduate 6 Weeks Home Announcements Library Writing Center Writing for Success Modules Grades Course Policies Course ResourcesPress the comma key or shift + question mark to see a list of keyboard shortcutsManage DiscussionThis is a graded discussion: 4 points possibledue Dec 3Week 5 Discussion 111 unread reply.33 replies.Day NumberWeek DayWhat is DueDay 1TuesdayYour introduction to others (Week One Only)Day 3ThursdayInitial Post for each discussionDay 7MondaySubstantive responses to at least two peers Points you receive on discussions will reflect the quality of your initial post and responses. Ask at least one question in response to an original peer post that you would like the author to explore further. Support your initial and subsequent posts by citing at least two academic resources, preferably from the University of the Rockies Library.Weekly Discussion 1Disruption in MemoryDisruption in memory can occur at different stages: retention, encoding, storage, or retrieval. Describe two factors that interfere in recall. Give examples of how this may be present in a client seeking counseling and how you would address the problem. Post should be at least 300 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.Point Value of this Assignment: 4This Discussion Question aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 1, 2This Discussion Question aligns with the following course outcomes: 1, 2Click here for instructions on how to participate in this discussion. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Search entries or author Filter replies by unreadUnread   Collapse replies Expand replies Subscribed ReplyReply to Main Discussion COLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONLisa PenningtonLisa PenningtonWednesdayNov 28 at 6:38pmManage Discussion EntryHave you heard of the nun study?  It began in 1986 to examine (longitudinally) causes and prevention of Alzheimer’s and is still ongoing, looking at the effect of positive outlook on life, and staying mentally as well as physically active, and how that correlates with dementia later in life.  The results are very impressive so far!  Those nuns who stay sharp by doing novel activities and keeping their brains active learning new things (crossword puzzles, learning to paint, any learning at all!) are significantly less likely to suffer with dementia or if dementia exists, their brains create new neural pathways to compensate. So, this could mean there is hope for those of us whose parents have dementia and we fear the same.Take a look at this short video, I think you’ll find it really fascinating: nun study video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  What are your thoughts? Reply Reply to Comment  COLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONYvette LundayYvette LundayThursdayNov 29 at 7pmManage Discussion EntryDisruption in MemoryDisruption in memory can occur at different stages: retention, encoding, storage, or retrieval. Describe two factors that interfere in recall. Give examples of how this may be present in a client seeking counseling and how you would address the problem. Disruption in memory is a phenomenon of losing the stability of remembering or recalling of the things or events of the past. There are two main factors which play an important role in causing interference in the recall. These two factors are attention and motivation. Attention is observed to drop a noticeable impact on the memory of an individual. When an individual has dropped so much attention on something, and a minor diversion causes loss of the linkages of memory that are freshly developed. Attention on one side impacts on the memory reading or recall too when the memory was encoded in a weakly attentive manner. The best example is listening to a lecture of 40 minutes in class and missing some of the many facts which were required to be recalled during exams.Motivation is another most important factor in which memory recall is affected. It ranges from monetary to personal. A study was conducted on college students for remembering some facts. One group was promised with some rewards while others were not. The results showed that the students with promised rewards were highly motivated in recognizing the facts than that of the students who were not promised at all.ReferencesYu, Y., Yarrington, R. M., Chuong, E. B., Elde, N. C., & Stillman, D. J. (2016). Disruption of promoter memory by synthesis of a long noncoding RNA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(34), 9575-9580.Barnacle, G. E. (2016). Understanding Emotional Memory: Cognitive Factors (Doctoral dissertation, University of Manchester).LeBlanc, V. R., McConnell, M. M., & Monteiro, S. D. (2015). Predictable chaos: a review of the effects of emotions on attention, memory and decision making. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 20(1), 265-282.  Reply Reply to Comment  COLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONLisa PenningtonLisa PenningtonYesterdayNov 30 at 6:43pmManage Discussion EntryHi Yvette,If a patient came to me, no matter the age, and complained of ‘suddenly’ becoming forgetful, I would go well beyond thinking it was distraction or lack of motivation or attention. I say that because distractions and low motivation are pretty common, but if someone is disturbed about it enough to make an appointment with me, then something is ‘off’ which may be environmental or organic.  Encoding and retrieval difficulties can be attributed to stress, and that can happen at any age as well. So, we aren’t looking at motivation or attention, but for things like dementia and possible encoding difficulties which can be cause by depression, stress, and a host of other mental health issues like mTBI for example which stands for mild traumatic brain injury or concussion. Reply Reply to Comment  PreviousNext

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Respond to TeacherAnswers 1Bids 30Other questions 10


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