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Revise to my original Post Answers 1Bids 1Other questions 10

Revise to my original Post Answers 1Bids 1Other questions 10.

I posted my homework just the other day and I have gotten some of the very most incrediable people that have offered to take this job. I want to explain my situation to you all, I found out almost a year ago I am terminally ill and with that came choices, one of which was I could bow out of College owe nothing and just go on with my life as it is. I spoke with my Beloved Tutor and we decided to finish what I started he is someome I think of as a part of my family and I am very deeply concerned about him. But I also have to look at my situation as well, one of the biggest reasons I stayed in was one I get a disbursement every 3 months and it pays for my Tutor and it also helps me do the extra things with the love of my life Emmy my 7 year old grand daughter I have had full custody of since birth, and when you are faced with what I am facing you make big decisions and one of the biggest things is she has learning disabilties and will be all alone when I die, so I have a lot on my plate. You know let me be real straight with you all I will never use this degree however if it helps someone and it helps me why not do what I can to help someone pay a bill or lighten their load, so I did not take the easy way out. However I really have no time anymore to do my class work so my Tutor took both classes on and if I felt good that week I would tell him I would post or do something to help him if I could, you know he never once wanted me to stress or even worry about School his main concern was and this should tell you all some people are here for all the right reasons he would say NO you do what you and Emmy want and need to do I got this. Not once did I ever go and check and see if he was doing weekly work cause I have this much trust in him he is one of the most dearest kindest person I will never meet face to face but I tell you all I know him like a book as he does me. It is time I HAVE TO HIRE SOMEONE NOW, but see you all if you are not willing to do as he did every single semester he took a very small down payment to start cause he knew I would not just pay him on what we agreed on but I would always send him extra money why just because he has lightned my load he has taken so much off my shoulders but the biggest thing we had was TRUST see this trust goes two ways I ask you to please ask for a very small handskake and you do two weeks normally my money is released right as we start week 3, and he has all my personal information so he always knew I was honest he never even checked to see if my money had been released because after I payed him I had to trust him more than he ever had to trust me he was paid in full what had he skipped out sure I would get my money back but I would right back here and I do not want that. So this is what I want and this is the only way I will consider anyone for this job, 1 rule, you have all the information you need to log into my account and you go into blackboard and you do what the instructors tell you which is nothing but posting and answering at least one students post or commenting on it. You will have a 10 question quiz each week and the most essays you will have are between both classes are 6 and thats where the little extra just because money comes in. I want someone that is confindent enough to not have to contact me unless there is a major problem I want someone I can count on that I do not have ri to second guess are they doing what I asked them to do. I prefer one Tutor for both classes, my last Tutor and and make no mistakes I am at a total loss right now without him I am heart broke. So if you want this job this is what I am going to ask of you so if you are not willing to what I will ask PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME HANDSHAKES PLEASE. BTW School started Monday I will do the post my introduction you would be responsible for everything after that again if you are as smart as I think you all are it will be a cake walk for you easy easy money. I ask that you make the handshake for 50.00 and I will tell you why one I live on a fixed income and two when I actually pay you in full this month I do not consider this part of the pay I consider this you giving me your word. I will pay you in full before the end of this month always fails it gets released on a Friday so it falls on a Monday we get paid. I pay 325.00 the two classes together so if you want to add the 50 you are getting 375.00 and I always make sure and pay my wonderful tutor another 60.00 as we go just so he knows how much I appreciate all he does for me. So make sure before you send me a handshake that you are in this for the entire 11 weeks and that you can trust me as I will have to trust you by paying you off 7 weeks early. And if you can not do the 50.00 handshake Thank you But No thank you. I look forward to seeing who really is in this for the right reasons cause a many of you have automated response for the handshake that is so low it shows me you can not even take the time to read what I really need from you. So I hope to see some of you that I know cause I read lots of your ratings and I am inpressed but I do not look for those people to text me. Remeber you will have full access to my school meaning you can do and see everything I see first hand. So I will stop now I hope you have a very good understanding of what I NEED. Thank you and if my Tutor reads this I miss you and I Pray you are okay and your health is okay.                                                               Always, Laura P.S Remeber you will be responsible for two classes

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Revise to my original Post Answers 1Bids 1Other questions 10


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