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Ruby ProgrammingAnswers 0Bids 33Other questions 10

Ruby ProgrammingAnswers 0Bids 33Other questions 10.

The college IT department manager no longer wants to use spreadsheets to calculate grades. The manager has asked you to create a program that will input the teachers’ files and output the students’ grades.  Write a Ruby program named formatfile.rb, which can be run by typing ruby widgets.rb. In your Ruby environment, the program must read an input file formatted in CSV format, named input.csv. Each record contains data about a student and their corresponding grades. The data will look similar to the following: Student Name, assignment1, assignment 2, assignment 3, assignment 4 John Adams, 90, 91, 99, 98Paul Newman, 90, 92, 93, 94Mary Smith, 95, 96, 99Be careful to follow the output format exactly, including spacing. The output of your program must look like the following: Student Assignment AverageJohn Adams     94.5 Compress your files into a ZIP folder. Review the readings for this week from Ruby on Rails Tutorial if you have additional questions on deploying Ruby applications. Submit the ZIP file.

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Ruby ProgrammingAnswers 0Bids 33Other questions 10


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