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Scholarly paper/ A Theory Based Model CMFF

Scholarly paper/ A Theory Based Model CMFF.

 Scholarly Paper #2 Guidelines 1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the salient components of CMFF. 15 points 2. Present your assessment of the family based on CMFF. For the family, define their level of adaptability, cohesion, communication style, and life cycle stage. Also, describe the family’s perspective of the individual’s stressor, and their anticipated role. NOTE: you may never actually meet or interview the family so this assessment may be done based only on the information you gather from the individual client and from team members who have interacted with family members. Present how this assessment of the family improves, impedes, or is neutral in your overall assessment of the individual. 20 points 3. Identify the focus of the intervention (only the individual, only the family, or both). Present the intervention you believe would be the most appropriate for the individual, family, or both based on your assessments. Provide a rationale for how the intervention follows the assessments in Part 1 and 2. 35points 4.Use correct grammar and organization throughout the document 20 points

Scholarly paper/ A Theory Based Model CMFF


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