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Should we modify life through DNA manipulation?

Should we modify life through DNA manipulation?.

Write a 4-7 page essay in which you address one of the following topics: Should we modify life through DNA manipulation? Explanation: “Designer Babies”/Netflix “How Gene Editing Could Ruin Human Evolution” by Jim Kozubek/Time “Why Gene Human Editing Must Not be Stopped” by John Harris/The Guardian Does technology make humans smarter or dumber? “When the Internet Thinks It Knows You” by Eli Pariser “Reality TV: A Dearth of Talent and Death of Morality” by Salman Rushdie “Does the Internet Make You Dumber” by Nicholas Carr Should the rise in mental illnesses be blamed on the rise in the use of technology? “More Technology Use Linked to Mental Health Issues in At-Risk Adolescents” by Allison Jones/Duke Today “Is Technology Affecting Your Child’s Mental Health?” Children’s Health “A Rising Cost of Modernity: Depression” by Daniel Goleman/The New York Times Is it dangerous to label people? “Why It’s Dangerous to Label People?” by Adam Alter/Psychology Today “The Contrarian: Why Labels are Good for Us” by Raymond Griffith/HuffPost “Labels: Empowering, Harmful, or Both?” by Sian Ferguson/Everyday Feminism.1. You will answer the question posed and explain/support your response. You cannot argue both sides of the topic. You must choose a side. 2. You will research six (6) sources and present these sources in an Annotated Bibliography. 3. You will use three (3) of the six (6) sources in your paper to support your ideas. 4. You will use proper MLA formatting. 5. You will include proper in-text citation and a Works Cited page. 6. You will use 3rd person only. 7. You will have at minimum four (4) full pages of text.

Should we modify life through DNA manipulation?


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