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Sociology;how social media affects adolescents

Sociology;how social media affects adolescents.

Description This is an essay about how social media affects adolescents. The essay must be 8 full pages of text in length, not including the title page or reference page. Every page must be a full page to be considered complete. Any missing/ incomplete page will result in a 10% deduction from your mark (i.e. 7 and ¾ pages is not 8 full pages, will be -10%). If your work is not formatted properly, it will reformatted before marking and any resulting change in length will be counted in this deduction (i.e. extra spacing, headers/ footers, subtitles, extended identifying info on first page will be removed). You must include research from a minimum of 6 academic journal articles. You may include books or websites as well, in addition to these but they are not counted as academic sources.

Sociology;how social media affects adolescents


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