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Strategic Change Management

Strategic Change Management.

To Achieve AC1.1, learners need to show that they understand the different approaches to models of change management. They need to discuss a minimum of three established models, highlighting the differences in approach.

To Achieve AC1.2, in the introduction to their report learners need to evaluate the relevance of the models of strategic change, using examples from organisations. They need to explain why the models for change are appropriate in their selected examples.

To Achieve AC1.3, learners will be expected to assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques that are used in organisations. These need to be applied to the organisation in their report.

To Achieve AC 2.1 and 2.2, it is expected that learners will show an understanding of the forces that are impacting on an organisation and driving the need for change. Showing understanding needs to be more than just a list of forces and change drivers. Learners need to demonstrate that they have researched and examined the current position of the organisation

To Achieve AC2.3, learners need to assess the resource implications of the organisation not responding to change. It is expected that learners will assess the relevant financial, human and physical resources. They are not expected to cost the resource implications for the organization.

To Achieve AC3.1, learners need to develop systems to involve stakeholders in the planning of change. The systems need to be appropriate and workable in the selected organization.

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Strategic Change Management


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