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Testing for Independence with Chi Square

Testing for Independence with Chi Square.

 HIM435 W4 UHDA05_u2_Activity_Dataset4.xlsx (17.743 KB) File HIM435 W4 Unit 2 Activity.pdf (1.816 MB) File HIM435 W4 Unit Activity 2 Exercise 4.docx (11.63 KB) This assignment is Exercise 4 in the document titled Unit 2 Activity , Understanding Healthcare Data Analytics, which is attached. Be sure you have read and followed the “Before You Start” instructions on the title page of the document to ensure that your Microsoft Excel settings are correct or the assignment will not be successful. The spreadsheet that is used for this activity is also attached. UHDA05_u2_Activity_Dataset4.xlsx After you have done the Exercise, open the Word document which is attached and answer the questions. The questions are the same as the ones in the PDF file with the instructions, and there are some additional ones as well. Type your answers to each question, save the document to your computer with your name as part of the file name, and Submit it to the Drop box for this assignment. Sunday of Week 4, 11:59 PM ET

Testing for Independence with Chi Square


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