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The abduction of Europe Mosaic

The abduction of Europe Mosaic.

 Assignment FALL 2018 This assignment has two purposes. The first is to get you into the habit of looking at works of art and thinking about them materially – about the ways they are made. As university students, you will be required to write in different formats in order to express your ideas and communicate them clearly. The second purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to writing about a work of art. A descriptive catalogue found on Moodle will serve as a good example for you to see how this might be done. Instructions Choose an object from the collection of the National Museum or a locally accessible site; one that interests you; that you like to look at; or that has appeal for you in some other way. The object or the site must date from the period covered in this course. Writing this paper is a process. Spend some time with your object, looking at it and thinking about it. Ask yourself some questions about it. Then write a careful description of your object. What materials is it made of? How was it made? What tools were used? The act of description should raise many unanswered questions, making it even more interesting in ways you don’t yet anticipate. When you have described your object, put it briefly into a cultural context. Find out which culture made it, how was it used, and what its function was. You might also consider the present-day context of your object, if it is very different from the original one. To successfully put the object into context, you will need to do some research. Browse books and articles in the library and the library databases. No sources from the internet except scholarly articles published online. You must correctly and consistently cite ideas and points you borrow from scholarly studies. Please consult Chicago Manual of Style (see Moodle class page for the link) for your citations. You may also want to refer to the following web site for your paper assignment: You will probably find some relationships between your description and your research. If so, make sure you incorporate these into your paper. Your finished paper should be between 1,100 and 1,200 words. You must provide illustrations of your object. Please make sure you take the AUB plagiarism test online. Look at the Student Handbook, in particular at the sections on Student conduct (p. 39ff.) and the Appendix (p. 64ff.), for more information.

The abduction of Europe Mosaic


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