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The Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT.

You will briefly review the body of knowledge as you know it and then address the issue that you identified while working on you review essay. To give research paper greater validity, you’ll refer throughout it to the works you’ve reviewed. it should go with saying that you must have correct citations and a works cited list. ( 7 Pages not counting Works Cited ) I will provide a copy of the Annotated Bibliography on this topic “The Isle of man TT” to help steer you in the right direction, however you will be doing a research paper so plz don’t copy the info Very Important: – You must indicate that you’ve looked at a range of view points, and you must address those that do not support your conclusions. Papers that don’t offer a balanced view of the topic will not do good. – The point of constructing knowledge in this paper is not to agree with some sources and disagree with others. The point of the paper is for you to recognize an area that needs further research and to do some of that research yourself. – This is “NOT” a paper about opinions (Leave Opinions out)

The Isle of Man TT


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