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The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism.

The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism..

Terrorism has become increasingly popular over the last twenty five years. Why has this particular form of violence emerged, and why now? Robert Pape, Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism. (New York: Random House, 205), pp. 3-76. Posted on TED. Film: The Battle of Algiers Assignment Questions: Paper Topic. Please answer questions 4-6 for the paper. 1. What was the FLN fighting for? 2. How did they recruit? 3. Who were the early recruits and why did they join? 4. The tactics the FLN pursued changed over time. In what way did they change and why? 5. There’s a struggle over information in the film. What information is the FLN seeking to signal? 6. The French won the battle over Algiers, but lost the war. Why did they lose the war? 7. The Pentagon screened this movie in the summer of 2003. What lessons do you think those who watched it learned from it?

The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism.


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