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Twitter Advertising For Target Marketing

Twitter Advertising For Target Marketing.

  • n your initial post,  Explain market segmentation variables and use a company as an example for that type of segmentation. Explain what variables were used by your mentor company (chosen during your Week 2 Global Marketing Plan Part 1) for segmenting the market and
  • each.
  • Analyze your mentor company’s targeting and positioning strategy in the region you chose.
    • To support your answer, go to your company’s Twitteraccount and find and post a copy or provide the link to at least two tweets in your initial post that reflect your company’s targeting and positioning strategies.

Your initial discussion post should be 250 words and must reflect at least two theories or frameworks discussed in the text (do not forget in-text citations). Cite your textbook and any other sources used to support your ideas. You may refer to Ashford University Writing Center’s APA Style resource.

Twitter Advertising For Target Marketing


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