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Using Case Review in EMS

Using Case Review in EMS.

Prevention of accidents and illnesses are just one aspect of quality review. There is also a need to identify systems or processes that need to be adjusted to improve task performance or outcomes. Quality review is critical for identifying areas that need to be improved. In order for the benefits of quality review to be realized, some information must be collected for this purpose. Personnel are often fearful of retribution if they report near misses or incidents that they believe others will not notice. It is important to demonstrate how the organization should approach quality review to account for these areas. For this assignment, you will write an essay that outlines the process of using case review as a teaching opportunity or as the stimulus for risk assessment. Your paper should include a clear introduction of your topic. Case review may be related to clinical care or the review of an operational issue that can help identify problem processes or system improvement needs.

Using Case Review in EMS


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