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 Write a well-developed, grammatically-correct, and substantial essay on a topic of your choosing. -Must conform to MLA Style guidelines in every way. -It should be free of grammatical and mechanical problems. -This paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. -Digital copies or links to all research used in the essay must also be included with the paper. ***At least 5 sources will be required. Sources must be scholarly; this excludes encyclopedia entries, websites, and general information texts. ***Quotations and paraphrasing must be used in this paper to back your arguments. These quotations and paraphrases must be properly introduced each time, and each quotation or paraphrase must be cited appropriately with page numbers. ***The sources for all quotations and paraphrases must be included on a Works Cited page completed in MLA Style. ***Essay must be unified with a thesis statement placed near the end of the introductory paragraph. -Feedback from Professor from research paper proposal (Included): ***To tackle this topic, you will have to deal with the logistics of voting. Our system can barely handle a “large” turnout of 40%. How would it cope with a near 100% turnout. An essay on this topic needs to tackle such problems



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