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Was the change radical or incremental?

Write 1 – 2 pages in APA format and in text citations of at least 5 recent studies.

Make sure to include the following:

1. Think about a change you know of in a healthcare organization in Saudi Arabia.

2. Use what you have learned to analyze how the change was managed.

3. Was the change radical or incremental?

4. Who led and managed the change?

5. How was the change received and what was the outcome?

6. Provide suggestions to deal with resistance.

· Change I know: change from paper patient folders to Bestcare electronic healthcare system in KAMC NGHA

you can use the following studies to help you.

· Aldosari, B. (2017). Supportive care pathway functionalities of EHR system in a Saudi Arabian hospital. Computers in biology and medicine89, 190-196.

· Aldosari, B., Al-Mansour, S., Aldosari, H., & Alanazi, A. (2018). Assessment of factors influencing nurses acceptance of electronic medical record in a Saudi Arabia hospital. Informatics in Medicine Unlocked10, 82-88.

· Khalifa, M. (2013). Barriers to health information systems and electronic medical records implementation. A field study of Saudi Arabian hospitals. Procedia Computer Science21, 335-342.

· Aldosari, B. (2014). Rates, levels, and determinants of electronic health record system adoption: A study of hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. International journal of medical informatics83(5), 330-342.

· HASANAIN, R. A., & COOPER, H. (2014). Solutions to overcome technical and social barriers to electronic health records implementation in Saudi public and private hospitals. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries8(1).

· Khudair, A. A. (2008). Electronic health records: Saudi physicians’ perspective.


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