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What approaches would assist you to develop a support plan with a client who has coexisting issues?

Assessment 3 – Knowledge quiz


1. What are the values outlined in the National practice standards for the mental health workforce that underpin how mental health workers apply their supports to clients?

2. What is the value to your client to use standard screening tools to identify coexisting MH/AOOD issues?
3. Which service types may be an appropriate support for a client with co-existing issues?
4. What approaches would assist you to develop a support plan with a client who has coexisting issues?
5. What does the acronym DEARS stand for in relation to the principles of motivational interviewing?
6. If you client was becoming increasing agitated during their session with you what de-escalation approaches would you use?
7. Match the similarities of services principles across AOD and MH services for a client? Tick which service type each principle applies to:

Principle AOD MH


Self determination

Harm minimisation

Least restrictive option

Equal access

8. A “no wrong” door approach is the current Australian health policy model. What does this mean in relation to your client with coexisting needs?
9. What do you need to do in order for your client to access other services such as financial support or housing?
10. How would you access specialist services for your client with coexisting issues?



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