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What are some ways that medical record redundancies can be reduced ?

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Please write at least 150 words PER question (600 words) and cite a reference per question.

1. Provide an overview of what a behavioral health healthcare venue is and how these services compare to more traditional healthcare venues. In your response, please be sure to also include your personal thoughts related to each venue.

2. Consider the purpose of the Joint Commission in terms of how care is delivered in the United States. What does this mean to you in terms of quality of care for patients?

3. Provide an overview, in your own words, of what purpose a Forms/Documentation Committee serves for a Healthcare Organization. Be sure to include how this ultimately impacts patients downstream.

4. Think of a time where you had to fill out forms that seemed to be incredibly redundant when visiting a healthcare provider. What are some ways that medical record redundancies can be reduced using your personal experience?


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