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What are the basic results of your analysis

What are the basic results of your analysis.

At least 250 words and any sourcing cited in APA


Analyze and then discuss the FAA press releases, the document is attached. Be careful to ANALYZE, not react to, the list of proposed fines, there is a lot of information to be found from careful analysis. Analysis requires calculation not observation so you will need to set measurable parameters and then do the calculations. Reading the fines it is easy to recognize that many of the fines were based upon the leaking packages, that is observation not analysis. Saying that some percentage of the total number fines represented leaking packages is analysis; saying that most of the incidents were caught by ground handling personnel is observation, saying that a specific percentage of all of the fines represent cases where ground handling personnel identified the problem is analysis. You are required to do analysis. After analysis provide answer to the following questions.


A. What are the basic results of your analysis. Provide a discussion of your findings based upon the scientific analysis you have conducted. This requires mathematical calculations and development of percentages for criteria you select.


B. Analysis of company owned material (COMAT) when it is shipped in the Airline industry and its supporting contractors.


C. The training issues raised by this list. We know that the right training is not going to the right people so come up with explanations and/or solutions (not fines and threats of jail time).

What are the basic results of your analysis


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