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what are the effect of the thyroid hormone on the body

Question 1.

what are electroly? List the principal electrolytes and their functions. Your response should be 100 words.

Question 2.

what are the effect of the thyroid hormone on the body, and how is the release of the thyroid hormone controlle? Your response should be 100 words.

Question 3.

Select one disorder of the endocrine system and one disorder that creates an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in the body. Explain the origin, process, symptoms and treatments that are involved for both. Your response should be 300 words


Pituitary gland










Form of breast cancer in women

Factor associated with exposure to carcinogenic substance

Constitutes roughly 60% of the total body weight

One of the principal body fluid compartments

Occurs when fluids output exceed fluid intake

Hormone produced by the posterior pituitary gland

Environmental agents that cause cancer

Thyroid hormone released by the Thyroid gland

Release is usually controlled by a negative feedbacks mechanism

Located in the brain below the hypothalamus


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