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What are the positive characteristics of communication among Shackleton’s crew.

Read Shackleton’s Way and Hellriegel & Slocum.

1. Chapter 3 from your reading in Hellriegel and Slocum- describe Ernest Shackleton’s Emotional Intelligence.

2. Chapter 7- Hellriegel and Slocum describe “Challenge”, performance, and goal setting. How would you describe the “goal difficulty” and “goal clarity’ established by Shackleton?

3. Chapter 8- Hellriegel and Slocum describe “the hardy personality”. How would you compare someone with a “hardy personality in your health care organization to Ernest?

3B- Did  Shackleton and his crew experience “workplace violence”. using the harm model, warning signs, triggering events- what did Shackleton do in reaction to, or prevention of workplace violence.

4. Chapter 9- Hellriegel and Slocum- what were the communication challenges on the endurance? What are the positive characteristics of communication among Shackleton’s crew.

5. Chapter 12- Hellriegel and Slocum- Identify “potential Team Dysfunctions” on the Endurance. How did Shackleton handle them?

6. Demonstrates interest, creativity, synthesis of material; demonstrates having read Shackleton’s way, relates it to work/life experience, relates it to readings in Hellriegel; additionally uses professional nursing articles 2013-2018 only outsides sources to back up or enhance statements, and applies the material to creatively problem solve in your workplace.

Citations/references/APA Style

1. Mastering Organization Behavior, 14.0

By: Cecily D Cooper, Don Hellriegel, and John W. Slocum Jr.

Published: may 2017

Discipline: Management & Organization Textbooks

2. Morrell, M., & Capparell, S. 92001). Shackleton’s way. New York: Viking.


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