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What causes the stress response to occur?

 i need short short answer

1. What kinds of foods provide fiber in the diet and what does fiber help with?

2. What are the different kinds of fats and some properties of them?

3. Why do we need water in our diet?

4. How is obesity defined?

5. What is the most prevalent underlying source of death in the United States?

6. What happens when a person goes on a very low calorie diet?

7. How many calories do one pound of fat represent?

8. What are the daily-suggested lower limits of calorie consumption for both men and women?

9. What happens when you exercise at a low-intensity rate as compared to a high intensity rate as far as types of calories burned?

10. What causes blood cholesterol to be raised?

11. How many calories does a gram of fat, protein or carbohydrate contain?

12. What are some risk factors for coronary heart disease?

13.  How does cancer start in the body?

14.  How many minutes of daily activity are required to prevent weight gain and to maintain substantial weight loss?

15. What kind of results can be expected when a person exercises and exhibits good lifestyle choices?

16. What mechanism seems to regulate how much a person weighs?

17. What are some results of sleep deprivation?

18. What are the different types of stresses?

19. What causes the stress response to occur?

20. What is the purpose of the “stress response” and what are some of the manifestations it has been turned on?

21. Are certain types of individuals at a greater risk of disease related to stress?

22. What are some good techniques to deal with stress?


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