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What does she say about storytelling?

What does she say about storytelling?.

After viewing the TED talk about Jessica Jackley (Links to an external site.), share your impressions about her values and story. What does she say about storytelling? What is Kiva and what does it do? Who influenced her? How did she go about helping the poor to help themselves? What were some of the barriers and/or emotions she had to overcome? Please do some research and see if there are any Kiva programs or affiliations in your area or city.

Then discuss the social enterprise you selected from the website listed under Recommended Readings for the week. Why did you select that social enterprise? How is this company or its services/ products adding value to society? What intrigues you about it? Do you see any common themes, patterns, or attributes of the individuals involved in these social enterprises? Do you think the values of this company’s leader(s) and employees are reflected in their mission and workplace dynamics? How can value shape the leadership of a social enterprise or the company itself?

What does she say about storytelling?


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