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What does the diet promise?

fad diet blog

Choose a fad diet.  Here are suggestions, but if you know of others, you can use as long as you email me and get approval  (provide a source of information that I can check)

Here is what you will do:

1.  From the diet website, summarize the basic principles of the diet.  What can you eat?  What you can’t eat.  What does the diet promise? (examples: health, low cholesterol, fast weight loss, etc)

2.  Consider what we have learned in this class.  Does your diet recommendations conflict with any of the information in your book?  If so, how?


Make sure you address:

How the information about the food and nutrients is similar or different than what is presented in the text (body needs, what it does in body, etc)

Compare the diet to the characteristics that the book state are appropriate components for a weight-loss program and the warning signs of an unreliable diet.

How does the diet compare to the Myplate Guidelines? Would you be deficient in any of the food groups? Would you over consume any of the food groups? What about nutrients? Would you get too much or too little of fiber? Vitamins?  Minerals? Be specific.

Write and post your blog

Remember that your blog should be about 500-700 words long. You will need 2 valid references (while you may use your book for some of the discussion, you need 2 other valid sources and 1 needs to be a peer reviewed journal article


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