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What is the value of liberal arts in Nursing Education?

Need 1 page with APA reference by Monday, May 21st 8am pacific time

Prompt: Is there evidence for caring in nursing practice? After reading Ch. 7 in Smith Turkel and Wolf, what piece of evidence do you find significant/intriguing for your nursing practice? What is the value of liberal arts in Nursing Education? Who are the contributors to nursing science? Are any of these contributors familiar to you?

Book link for this course:

Smith, M. C. & Turkel, M. C. (2012).

Caring in nursing classics: An essential resource.

New York, NY:

Springer Publishing.

ISBN: 978-0826171115

Book link from google:

Watson, J. (2008).The philosophy and science of caring, revised edition. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado.

Book link from google:


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