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What kind of person is best suited to entrepreneurship?

What kind of person is best suited to entrepreneurship?.

There is no easy answer to that question. In fact, research aimed at describing the  traits of entrepreneurs has failed to define a single personality  profile. In a comprehensive review of this topic, it is found that there  is no evidence of an ideal entrepreneurial personality. Great entrepreneurs can be gregarious or low-key, analytical or intuitive,  charismatic or boring, good with details or terrible, delegators or  control freaks. What you need is a capacity to execute in certain key  ways. It is important to note that evidence shows that entrepreneurial  activities and the entrepreneurial mind-set can be learned. 

Describe a  business person you either work with, or who owns a small business in  which you are familiar with in your location. 

  1. Define them as having  entrepreneurship characteristics/traits which allows you to define them  as having an entrepreneur mindset and behaviors. 

What kind of person is best suited to entrepreneurship?


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