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What makes Pax Campus clinical philosophy different from traditional IOP programs?

Class Presentation: ‘Clinical Toolbox’

Students will provide a 15-20 minute presentation

A) live Powerpoint GoToMeeting presentation during

class time. The first part of the presentation will be an introduction of the site, include a website address of

your site, if available. The next part of the presentation you will describe three skills, techniques, or

activities used at your Practicum site with the specific client population. (CoDependency) (Trust) (Fear) Open Forum …Students are expected to illustrate important points/aspects of the techniques, research evidence, explain the theoretical underpinnings, and

describe when the techniques would be indicated and contraindicated. Then, you will demonstrate one of

the three skills, techniques or activities in class (either with a peer for an individual technique, or with the

entire group for a group technique). The purpose of this assignment is to share and expand students’

technical repertoire of skills, techniques or activities.

Florida’s Top Drug Rehab

PAX Campus, one of the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida, is proud to serve clients seeking addiction treatment.

Not only are one of the top drug rehabs, we offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and addiction counseling by licensed therapists.

The facility has a leadership team with extensive addiction, trauma and co-occurring disorders experience and is one of the highest credentialed outpatient facilities in the country.

What makes Pax Campus clinical philosophy different from traditional IOP programs?

Many traditional IOP programs focus mostly on general early recovery skills and 12 step concepts, such as the identification of relapse triggers, the development of a sober support system and treating symptoms of addiction that present in the here in now. While obviously at Pax Campus we address all of these aspects of the recovery process, we go much deeper into the underpinnings of addiction. We don’t simply chase symptoms.

Challenging the I = Addict Mentality:


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