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what treatments consists of, the pros and cons, and the risks of not doing the treatment

 Please, provide one paragraph response for the discussion below, which requires one reference from peer-reviewed nursing journal from database not the internet not older than 5 years old. APA format required.

Autonomy is something that should be respected. When a person is going to get any invasive medical procedure or treatment done it is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to explain and make sure the patient is aware of the risks of the procedure. The healthcare provider should answer any questions that patient may have. Once there has been understanding of the procedure including the pros and cons, the patient is to sign an informed consent. When the patient signs the consent they are giving authority to accept medical treatment (Rock & Hoebeke, 2014).

There may be barriers that can interfere with the rights of a patient when it comes to informed consents. If a patient does not speak English it can interfere with understanding of the procedures and they may not fully comprehend why they are signing a consent (Chesnay & Anderson, 2016). When situations like these arise, hospitals can provide a professional translator to assist. There can also be cultural barriers where patient’s culture or beliefs does not allow them to go forth with a procedure that may improve their quality of life. However, the healthcare provide should respect that patient’s culture and beliefs. It is crucial that consents are understood and signed by the patient before any treatment is given or else the healthcare provider can be charged with assault. Physicians need to explain the treatments and nurses should be able to confirm the patient understands. It is very important to protect the right of the patient which is the right of self-determination. That is why the patient should have full understanding of what treatments consists of, the pros and cons, and the risks of not doing the treatment. Once that is done they need to sign a consent to confirm that they understood and made a conscious decision to accept treatment.


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