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Why this food is beneficial to health or why a person would want to eat it.

Nutrition Project NUR 205

TOPIC: Pick 3 foods to analyze and apply to a diet

· The foods must be nutrient dense

· Present the foods in an easy-to-read format with the following information:

List: 3 foods, then tell me: (can be in table form)

At least 2 macronutrients in each of the 3 foods (6 items listed)

1. Include Serving Size of your food

2. Grams of macronutrient per serving

At least 4 micronutrients in each of the 3 foods (12 items lited)

1. What that micronutrient does in the body (for each one, why it is important)


1. Why this food is beneficial to health or why a person would want to eat it.

**-Include one “patient” situation- a deficiency, a condition, a disease state that would benefit from eating this food. **


A recipe or suggestion for how to eat it.

· You may suggest one recipe with all 3 foods in it or separate recipes (1, 2, or 3). The idea here is to be able to help someone implement this food into their diet.


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