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Write a character analysis of Phoenix Jackson

Essay #1:  Character Analysis of Phoenix Jackson in “A Worn Path”

Length:  600 – 800 words

Format:   MLA

Assignment (adapted from Hammons and Fatherree, page 299, FOS):  Write a character analysis of Phoenix Jackson.  Your analysis must make a claim about Phoenix Jackson, and you should back up that claim with evidence from the story.  As you integrate your evidence into your paper, you must interpret the evidence so that your reader knows what he or she is supposed to get out of that evidence.  Your interpretation must always relate back to your claim.  As Hammons and Fatherree implore, “You must go beyond the obvious in your analysis” (298).  All of the reading and work that you have done this week has been to prepare you for this essay.  You should have plenty to work with as you begin.

Other required elements of your essay:

1.  An interesting and relevant introduction

2.  An effective thesis statement incorporated into your introduction

3.  Strong topic sentences and body paragraphs

4.  An excellent conclusion

5.  Impeccable grammar, mechanics, and style

6.  Correct MLA format

7.  An engaging title

Key concepts for writing effective essays (a review of Composition I):

1.  Clarity—stay focused on the main topic throughout your essay

2.  Coherence—present your ideas in a logical, organized way; use effective transitions

3.  Unity—each paragraph stays on topic and relates to the overall thesis

4.  Development—provide specific details so that the reader can understand the argument

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Avoid plot summary!  Your paper is an analysis, not a plot summary.


You do not need a works cited page for this essay; however, you must use proper in-text citation (also called parenthetical citation/documentation) for all paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting of the short story.


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